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RZGraphics was born with a vocation to create a link between existence and experience. Its philosophy envisions image as a tool not only to convey realness, but also to experience the space, the design or the story that lie within each concept. Beyond the physics of materials, which we know down to microscopic scales, a need stands to represent them with the power to communicate. From the diffusion of light on a rough wood to the details of its dispersion when it passes through a glass, it is necessary to take into account the intent we want the pic- ture or the environment to show. This approach is applied as a challenge for every visualization, for every beam of light, for every composition and for every detail. This opens up a window into the future or into other possible presents. RZGraphics will allow you to transfer the meaning of your original project to the minds of those who had not conceived it.

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    1. Reception of the information

    The first step will be to receive all your information and to have every opportune discussion about the highlights and the most important concepts in the project. This will allow us to create the right storytelling.

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    2. File managing and preparation

    We join the process of the project. In this process we can plan some help for your team modeling complex elements, designing some parts of the interior of the illumination plan, defining beauty vegetation that fits with the project, or bringing technical solutions for some complex parts of the visualization of the project. To do so, we will need some inputs in the briefing and plan this extra work in advance.

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    3. Proposal

    We will show you some proposals. This will give a direction for every visualization.

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    4. Production

    It is time to work on shading, illumination, technical details in the model, etc. We will use some time in order to produce a nice scene for your project.

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    5. Rendering

    After getting the scene, some time for rendering will be required. It is crucial to respect these times to achieve the best quality in the final results.

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    6. Postproduction

    We arrived at the last stage of the process. We will enhance the images and build the story taking special care in detail, color, etc.

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    7. Submission

    The visualizations are final. They will be sent in the agreed format for you to use in the best way and achieve your goals.

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